About Cookeville First Baptist

Everyone has a place in God's Kingdom, we want to help you find yours. Cookeville First Baptist is a church for the generations. We have a passion for unity centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we are dedicated to seeing the work of the Kingdom of God carried out through discipleship and missions. We have had the privilege of serving the community of Cookeville for over 150 years and many people have already found their place in God's Kingdom here. Whether you are new to the faith or you have been faithful to Christ your whole life, God has a purpose for you and he wants to use you for his glory. Cookeville First Baptist wants to help you find your place in this ever-growing Kingdom. 


Looking for somewhere to get involved? Check out our connect page to find ministries and opportunities to gather with like-minded individuals to walk with you through life.


God didn't create us to do life alone. Finding your place in a small group can make the difference in your walk with Christ. Check out our small group opportunities here.


God created us to serve one another. Find your place in service by visiting our service page. Here you can fill out a spiritual gifts test, find applicable service areas, and begin serving!


Discipleship Groups help you find your place.

Discipleship is not only a passion we have, but is also a biblical mandate. Matthew 28:19 records Jesus command for his people to go and make disciples of all nations. We recognize that this is not just a command to tell people about Jesus, but also is a command to raise each other up in Christ.
Whether you are a parent who would like to know how to better disciple your children, or an individual wanting to grow closer in your knowledge of Christ, discipleship is what you need. Follow this link to learn more about our discipleship process and get signed up to start your journey today!